Model: 137 232
Cylinder (Frozen): 3 gal 3 gal
Hopper (Cold): 3 gal 3 gal
Dimensions: 16 1/2"Wx26"Dx32"H 16 1/2"Wx26"Dx32"H
Electric: 115V (opt. 230V) 230V
Compressor: 3/4 HP 2 HP
Cooling: Air Water
PDF Brochure: 137 Brochure 232 Brochure







Model: 235 289
Cylinder (Frozen): 3 gal 4 gal
Hopper (Cold): 3 gal 6 gal
Dimensions: 16 1/2"Wx26"Dx32"H 21"Wx33"Dx36"H
Electric: 115V (opt. 230V) 230V
Compressor: 3 HP 3 HP
Cooling: Remote Air (opt. water or remote)
PDF Brochure: 235 Brochure N/A


Equipment Features

  • Time Savings: All units offer a stand-by switch. This cost-saving feature allows mix to remain in the unit overnight - saving valuable man-hours of daily cleaning. This also limits product handling and prevents product waste. Since the mix is held at 40 degrees, start up time is greatly reduced saving additional employee time.
  • Consistent Quality: Frosty Factory equipment produces consistently great tasting drinks by eliminating variations that occur when drinks are made in small batches. Our units allow for effective inventory and liquor cost control.
  • Attractive Product Visibility: Customers buy what they can see! Our large clear faceplate and illuminated flavor sign draw the consumer's eye to taste tempting frozen drinks.
  • Increased Capacity: Frosty Factory machines produce up to 30 gallons per hour of frozen products.


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