Height: 21.85" 21.85"
Width: 9.84" 17.32"
Depth: 18.74" 18.74"
Weight: 55lbs 75lbs.
Capacity: 1.45gal(5.5LT) X 1 1.45gal(5.5LT) X 2
Power: .43 hp .72 hp
Voltage: 115VAC/60Hz 115VAC/60Hz

Elmeco thinks in a small way only for the new BigBiz's size. For Elmeco, small means big business chances for every shop. The BigBiz means big flexibility of use, it takes up little room on counter and satisfies your customers.
From Elmeco's achieved experience with the First Class line, the BigBiz was born. It keeps First Class' basic characteristics of assurance, ease of use and cleanliness, with the advantage of serving a smaller quantity of slush. This allows you to change flavors more often and its portability makes is perfect for special occasions or parties.

Features Include:
*available in 1 and 2 tank versions
*electronic density control
*defrost function
*drink refrigerator function

Elmeco Big Biz Brochure

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